I am your designer, and this website is my portfolio. I take on any project that I know I can accomplish with the tools I'm familiar with. These tools include Photoshop, Illustrator, Dreamweaver, Flash, and InDesign. What are you waiting for? There is no job too small and no project too large. Let me help in accomplishing your dreams!

Here are some ideas of what I can do for you:
  • memorable logos
  • eye-catching flyers
  • graphics for social media
  • noticeable banners
  • stylish menus
  • professional business cards
  • and, anything else you can come up with
Game Creation Content Coming Soon
Next to graphic design I have experience in web design. By use of Adobe Dreamweaver I can design a website or landing page for you from scratch. Or perhaps you would like something more manageable with Wordpress. What do ye' say? Is it time to get your dream project started?

What is a website without subtle animations? Well, still a website, but not nearly as cool as it could be. So do you already have a website? Let me help make your website a little more interactive and user-friendly!

Besides the designing of pages, I can also offer you the following:

  • the re-designing of your website
  • fixing minor / major issues
  • debug problems / glitches
  • adding / removing content
  • add animations / remove animations
  • I also have experience in game development by use of Unity3D and have 3D modeling and animation experience by use of Blender. At the moment I am in the Alpha stages of developing an RPG. I am open to collaboration in game development projects, and since I am capable in nearly all stages of the process, I would be a great asset to your project. I am also open to inquiries about my project.

    If you need some designing done, but I have not mentioned this type of project, please send me a message. I'm willing to design anything, and currently only charge on basis of the end product, meaning I don't charge by an hourly rate. Better yet, you get to decide the price of your new design!

    I am open to any short-term, or long-term project. Mail me, and let's talk about what I can do for you! :)